Do you like to party?

Hello friends, family and everyone else,

Me trying to be Queen West cool.

I’m writing you today for a really cool reason.  No, I didn’t just vanquish my mortal enemy in a heated, 36 hour game of Dungeons and Dragons that is now being adapted into the worst straight to television film of all time…I’m actually going on tour with acoustic superstar Nathan Down starting tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right, I’m going on tour, and I need your help.  Now this is usually the part where people tune out and stop reading so for everyone that’s still with me, pat yourself on the back, and if you don’t have arms, that must suck not being able to scratch an itch.

Seriously though, I’ll be guest-blogging on the Chill Magazine website ( for the duration of the tour and it would tickle me pink if you read the postings.  The direct link is, that’s, once more  What would be even better is if you told your friends about it.  I know usually this would be the part where I tell you that if you tell your friends there is a prize of some sort, but there isn’t, only the satisfaction you receive from doing a good deed for some guy you may have never even met.

We’re going to traveling through Ontario over the next 5 days and then we’re heading out to the East Coast of Canada next weekend for a couple of really awesome shows.

What’s in it for you?

– You’ll learn what it’s like to be on tour and only able to afford eating on 5 bucks a day.  I can tell you right now that Nathan is going to despise me for all the beans I’ll be consuming.

– You’ll get to see some stunning photography of the Canadian landscape by photographer Emily Sheff who will be traveling with us for the first leg of the tour.

– You’ll have the back-story to the feature being printed in August’s issue of Chill Magazine that will be available at every Beer Store in Ontario.

But wait, there’s more!

– On top of that…umm…well…that’s really all I had.  I think a lot of you will really enjoy this though.  For everyone that has always wanted to be in a band but never actually had the chance, for everyone that was in a band but never quite made it on tour, for everyone that just likes a well written story, this article is for you.

So make sure you check it out at and while you’re there, check out and go enter a few of the contests they have running right now, there’s some super sweet stuff that you can win.

Leave me some comments,

-Aaron “Word-bird” Binder

P.S. – I promise you I will never try to be Queen West cool again, I don’t own nearly enough flannel anyway.


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