Album Review: The Quick and Easy Boys – ‘Red Light Rabbit’

Band: The Quick and Easy Boys

Album: Red Light Rabbit

Release Date: May, 2010

Label: Per Capita Records

Rating: 4/5

Whoa dude, I'm totally tripping out here.

“Yeah Bud!”

It can be pretty difficult to infuse a lot of personality into a three-piece band.  There are some standard ways of doing it, punk, nerd-rock and the oh-so-overdone ‘joke band’.  Considering this, it is a pleasing surprise to hear the three-piece The Quick and Easy Boys exhibit more personality than every American Idol winner combined.  Part of this is their complete disregard for convention when approaching their music, the other half is undoubtedly their simple, badass attitude.

Their newest album Red Light Rabbit is a fascinating blend of southern-rock, blues, funk, 70’s and everything in-between.  Perhaps the best thing about this album is that the band refuses to pigeon-hole any of their songs, every single track has a different vibe to it while keeping the sound distinctly their own.  The band explores rock music from the 50’s (there are some definite Chuck Berry influenced songs) all the way through to the current decade and manages to make it sound effortless.

There are very few low points on this album, a couple of the tracks rely a little too much on technical guitar-work, and some of the tracks divulge a little too closely to generic indie-rock.  Aside from these minor gripes, The Quick and Easy Boys have put out an album that is incredibly diverse, groovin’, jammin’ and all brought together through the ultimate power of rock.

You can check out the band’s newest video here –


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