Album Review: Fin Fang Foom ‘Monomyth’

Fin Fang Foom


Label: Lovitt Records


by Aaron Binder

In the world we live in there is a great abundance of music; from the kind that will put you to a silent sleep and comfortable slumber to the type that will rip your face off if you look at it the wrong way. Monomyth, the newest album from dreamy post-rockers Fin Fang Foom, is liable to do both if you give it a chance.

Their first release in six years, the band almost ground to a halt in 2004 with the onset of spinal meningitis in co-founder Michael Triplett, but managed to push onward for the release of their most ambitious album to date. Monomyth is an adventure, and just like most adventures it has some lofty highs and exciting passages. Unfortunately, just like most adventures, it tends to take a while to reach these points.

There is no question that the band plays well together, the interaction exhibited between all three members seems almost telepathic at times; some passages are blazing fireballs of activity when everyone is working together. The long build-up in “Deathless” is a perfect example of the band working toward a common goal and executing it perfectly.

Unfortunately, the first three songs on the album are rife with pointless passages and no real hooking points that make you feel as though you need to listen to the rest of the album. This is probably the only damning point of the disc for once the first three songs have been traversed, the adventure picks up and becomes great, ambient, filling noise.

For current fans, this album will be a welcome addition on their journey. For people interested in the band, begin your experience on “Deathless” and you’ll probably enjoy the album as well. If you can manage to avoid being put to sleep by the first three songs, the face-ripping experience becomes rather enjoyable on the rest of the album.


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