Album Review: Sweet Thing ‘Sweet Thing’

Band: Sweet Thing

Album: Sweet Thing

Label: EMI Music

Rating: 3.5/5

By: Aaron Binder

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Whoa dude, who did the drugs and then designed our album cover?

It can be tough being a buzz band, whirling around the fringes of success without knowing whether or not that success will actually push through.  With the release of their first album earlier this year, Sweet Thing, 2010 crush-band of George Strombo, has struck up one heck of a conversation with the world of indie buzz.

Their album is the type of music one might expect out of a hot indie band; broad, inventive but not without portions of inexperience.  Parts of their new album could be considered filler material (Over Me and Lorraine drag the album down), but the sections of the disc that soar far outweigh the few mediocre songs.

Building on a foundation of North American style rock, they pick and choose from influences that span the whole globe; guitar-driven blues from America, funky bass lines that can be traced to the best of Detroit from the 60’s and 70’s, some 60’s style British Invasion and much more.  Taking on all of these different styles on an album isn’t easy by any measure, trying to do it all on a debut is almost insane, but the band somehow manages to make it happen.

The first single off the album ‘Dance Mother’ has already been tearing up charts, it’s a good bet that over the next while we will definitely be hearing more of the tunes on this album on radio.  Hopefully the band sticks around for another album, if their first one is any indication, they have the potential to blow minds.

You can check out the slightly campy but mostly awesome video for Dance Mother right here –


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