Album Review: TAT “Soho Lights”

There are swear-words on this album. Scary.

Band: TAT

Album: Soho Lights Review

Red Wagon Records


By Aaron Binder

The first exposure I ever had to TAT was a rather eventful Warped Tour during the summer of 2009.  During a lull in the action, I was told that a wicked band from England had no media with which to speak, and thus our connection was formed.  During a 5-minute conversation; most of it spent talking about the sex lives of the band members, my hand was rubbing against one Tatiana DeMaria’s pants (led by her of course).  Now before jumping to conclusions, one must realize that she was trying to make a point, that point being – sex sells.

In my first 10 minutes with the band I managed to have all 3 members open up about their desires, their wishes, and everything they wanted to accomplish over the next while.  After kicking back at home a couple of months later, I spent another 50 minutes with the band listening to their album Soho Lights.  While it may not have been the band in person, it definitely personified their life as a band up to this point.

Leading with the optimistic “Road to Paradise”, within the first minute of the album you know exactly what you’re going to be hearing over the next 49 minutes; a pop-filled, hooky, big-sounding, sugary experience.  Now before the snobs tune out, it actually ends up being a rather listenable album with some really great high points.  Even though some of the songs could be considered filler, there are a few pointed examples of excellent songwriting on the disc.

Despite that filler is usually considered a terrible thing to have on any album; it would be great background music at a house party, high-energy cardio class, or young teen girl sleepover.  The album actually shines at some points, specifically when it kicks into high gear with some slightly gruff sounding pop-punk in “Here’s to You” and “Take You Home”.  These types of songs are really where TAT breaks out the sexy and uses it to their advantage.  The album is just sexy enough to give it a slight edge but sugary enough that almost anyone can enjoy it.

While most of the tracks are pretty standard pop-punk fare, overall this is a rather enjoyable disc.  There is definitely star-power at work here.  The band works incredibly well together and it ends up being a completely pleasurable experience listening to a well-crafted pop-punk album like Soho Lights.  It will be interesting to see where they take their second full-length release.


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