Album Review: The Fast Romantics “The Fast Romantics”


Band: The Fast Romantics

Album: The Fast Romantics

Label: Independent release

Rating: 3/5


by Aaron Binder

It comes at you faster and faster, ripping ideas and mementos from your mind, running a storm of confusion deep inside the brain that had functioned for so many years without a hitch.  You’re helpless to control it, but you still have the ability to function at a basic level.

In some ways, The Fast Romantics self titled, full-length debut is just like Alzheimer’s; mostly forgettable with heightened moments of clarity and genius.  The first few tracks (Spooning the Gorilla, Sleepy Jean, Money Mouth) are unfortunately the only three tracks that seem to have any effort put into them above minimal pulse.  There aren’t many hooks to this project, it prides itself on being very low-key.  The writing is more focused on the interaction between instruments and vocals than creating a big sound.  The intricate musical themes they are trying to create do sound, for the most part, pleasing enough, but it falls short of being able to maintain any interest in the long term, falling flat right as the album enters its middle section.

As broad a statement as it is, the rest of this album is less than memorable.  The Fast Romantics have possibly created indie-rocks first foray into muzak.  It’s pleasant sounding, there are some interesting passages, but most of them sound as though they were added as last minute filler to bring more depth to the songwriting.

It is, however, worth listening through, and if you had this come up on shuffle, it would definitely keep things cheerful and upbeat.  As a whole, the album is unfortunately about as forgettable as the uncle you only see in passing every few years.  You’ll catch up and have a decent time, but never really hang out.  The Fast Romantics are a young band though, so if this is their first foray into the full-length album world, their follow-up should be prime listening.


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