Hot Music For Hot People: Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney releases solo album

Corin Tucker releases new solo album

Sometimes musicians find a need to find a new project, such was the case when indie-rock gods Sleater Kinney broke up to pursue different projects.  Since then, other members have gone on to produce albums, collaborate with other bands and even raise children.  For Corin Tucker, raising her son was the reason for quitting the band, but like most good things, she couldn’t let it rest.

While Sleater-Kinney may be on hiatus still, Corin has released an album under the Corin Tucker Band name and boy is it ever good.  Building on a foundation of strong song-writing, the band has pieced together an album that brings out the softer, yet more refined side of Tucker.  Her powerful voice complimented the upbeat tempo of Sleater-Kinney but now she’s slowed it down a bit and turned herself into a sultry and sexy songstress.

You can stream the new album at NPR right now, it’s worth the listen, especially for songs like Handed Love (where Tucker ends up sounding similar to Portishead vocally and musically) and Big Goodbye.




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