Album Review: Bass Lions ‘Is Diamonds’


Band: Bass Lions

Album: Is Diamonds

Label: Independent Release

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Aaron Binder


The indie scene in Canada has experienced an explosion of talent in the last two years, bands have risen and fallen, some have stuck around and others have achieved international success.  The sound is pretty diverse, but almost all of the bands have noticeably similar interests and influences.

Bass Lions is part of the new breed, part shoegaze, part folk, and part post-rock, their sound is undeniably eclectic.  They sound like they would fit right in scoring a nature documentary as their scope of instrumentation lends them a deliciously full sound that enters the decibel range at almost every level we humans can hear.

The lead vocalists voice penetrates every song, the wavering notes a semi-sweet pattern in the scheme of things, sometimes to the detriment of already busy songs where it detracts from particularly intense movements, at other times a starkly poignant thought in a sea of chaos.

Outside of a few vocal gaffes, the busy movements are where Bass Lions excel, at times sounding like 15 musicians instead of 5.  In contrast, their slower songs sound like every other slow indie song you’ve ever heard, the frantic and engaging nature of a song like You Brought The Bass is lost when they slow down in a song like Wind-up Bird.

For a debut EP, they do proffer up a strong showing.  With refinement in their song writing, the band could become great, but not until they take care of some glaring errors.  Overall, a decent EP from some of Southwestern Ontario’s soon to be finest.  If they continue along their current path, those similar interests and influences may blossom into a sound they can completely call their own.

Here’s a live cut from their new song ‘You Brought The Bass’


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