Hot Music For Hot People: The Fast Romantics Love You!

Hellooooo nurse!

Welcome to Monday all you fine people.  I have some great new tunes for you by way of The Fast Romantics.


These are the Fast Romantics. They'll win your heart before even saying a word.

These guys have been tearing it up live for the last couple of years and their debut album was pretty good too.  They’re offering two free songs if you sign up for their newsletter and Facebook fan page.  Now I’m no social media expert, but this sounds like a great idea.   Most people would be all like ‘but then they’ll keep emailing me stuff AND sending me facebook messages’, and they would be right.  BUT, if you turn the tables, YOU could be emailing them and sending them facebook messages proclaiming your love for their new music, their snappy attire and your apparent new shared interest in sitting below paintings of boats.

Take that social media.

Here’s some free music for you.


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