Hot Music for Hot People: Milks and Rectangles release free EP ‘Dirty Gold’

Courtesy of our friends at Pigeon Row Entertainment, PEI’s Milks and Rectangles have released another solid EP and are giving it to you, all for the low low cost of two mouse clicks.

The EP is a strange mix of shoe-gaze and dancy indie music which makes sense after listening to the music, but will probably leave you wondering beforehand – ‘why would I want to dance while looking at a bunch of other people’s shoes?’  As someone who asked that exact same question, my answer to you is this, attach mirrors to your shoes and you’ll be all good in the hood.

Regardless of how you dance, you can check out the EP from the comfort of your own home, if you’re into stuff like Wavves, dark Franz Ferdinand and practically any popular band with the name Wolf in their name, those two mouse clicks will be totally worth it.

You can check out the EP at Bandcamp.

If you live in Charlottetown or Halifax, you may benefit by checking their tour schedule (can you call two dates a tour?) here –

Here’s a picture of a Unicorn for some reason.


Not nearly as cool as a three wolf moon shirt. Or Unicron.


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