Hot Music For Hot People: Audio Blood releases another free mix-tape!

Ohhhhh yeah!  It’s Saturday, you’re probably going out later and you need something to get you pumped up.  How does the hot new Audio Blood holiday mixtape sound?

Yes, as you can tell from the poster above, Audio Blood is throwing a two-day spectacular this year.  If you like Audio Blood as much as I do, then you’ll probably want to mosey on over to this event.  To celebrate the show, Audio Blood has just released their holiday mixtape for your listening pleasure.  The always solid Teenage Kicks make an appearance and Make Your Exit have their track Through the Winter remixed by west-coast DJ BARTEL.  Instead of reading what you could be hearing though, click below.

Audio Blood Mixtape


For more inormation on Audio Blood’s Two Night Stand, read this:

From Audio Blood:

This year music promotions company, Audio Blood, will celebrate the Holiday’s with a whooping showcase of talent at the Rivoli on December 10th and 11th. Audio Blood‘s Holiday 2 Night Stand will feature performances from Canada’s top up and coming talent including The Balconies, Make Your Exit, Clothes Make the Man, Sandman Viper Command, Teenage Kicks, Charlotte Cornfield as well as two very special unannounced guests! The party will also celebrate the two year anniversary for Audio Blood!

Want tickets?  Click here to get in on this incredibly affordable show.

Call me crazy, but call you crazier if you don’t check this out.

Now, enough with the cheerleading, have yourself a wonderful Saturday and get pumped, cause this mixtape is pounding…but not in the Jersey Shore ‘fist-pump’ kinda way, more in like the ‘awesome man, this free music is pounding’ kinda way…yeah.


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