Album Review: Make Your Exit ‘Remind Me The Reason I Came’

Band: Make Your Exit

Album: Remind Me The Reason I Came

Label: Independent Release

Rating: 3/5

By Aaron Binder

The greatest time of the day is 4 am.  Seriously, any arguments against this are pointless.  Some will say 5:01 pm is better, but that’s only because they hate their job, others will say they prefer morning, they are crazy.  Unless, of course, the morning they’re talking about is the kind where you’re still up at 4 am after an awesome night with good people and trying to decide on breakfast or sleep.  Whenever the breakfast option wins, Make Your Exit is a great egg-scrambling partner.

Their not quite long enough to be a full-length album EP, Remind Me The Reason I Came, is the perfect addition to those late nights where you find yourself questioning the choices in life that brought you to the point where there are 5 of your closest friends passed out in the next room over while your mind is still racing the universe and everything.

The music is a blend of minimalism, drawn out verses, sometimes flashy choruses but much like a professional assassin, the feeling of calm reserve that could erupt at anytime.  The band integrates a number of vocal harmonies into a few of the songs with huge success.  The recording quality is quite organic, there isn’t much polish, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the music.

Where the album falters is in a few of the more drawn out songs.  The last song on the EP, Quarters, while only just over the three minute mark, seems to drag on forever without much interesting going.  Some of the songs seem to lose their way halfway through as the band starts to jam out on some different progressions which leaves the songs and whole EP feeling disjointed.

This band has a long way to go in refining their sound into something more than a minimalist jam-band, but the foundation of maturity is evident at certain points.  Even with certain parts of the EP pulling the quality of the music down, it still remains a powerful first offering from Make Your Exit.  So every once in a while, when you do find yourself asking the bed or breakfast question; after listening to Make Your Exit once, the answer will be a no-brainer, go make those eggs for your passed out friends.

You can buy their EP here.

If you’d like to see the band live, they’re playing December 10th at the Rivoli as part of Audio Blood’s ‘Two Night Stand’ concert.

Details Here.

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