Six Months Later: The Nathan Down Tour

Six Months Later
The Nathan Down Tour

By Aaron Binder

Photos by Emily Sheff

Nathan, the man, the legend, the the guy that wears a hat while sleeping.

Snow is here.  Welcome back to the cold season Canada.  I know it’s not just me, but whenever the temperature drops to a level that makes a convincing argument for moving to the Bahamas, I often find myself reflecting.  It’s not just about the last year, but about everything else in my past that has brought me to this point in my personally strange and convoluted life.

I started out throwing concerts when I was 16 down at the local community centre in a town of 6000.  By the time I was 18 those shows were drawing 150-200 people consistently.  I gave that up for a couple of years, moved to Toronto, failed school, moved to Windsor and started a band.  We were only together for about a year and a half, but in our time we put out two EP’s, played to thousands in a few different cities and then promptly broke up before we could do anything useful.  I moved back to Toronto, worked for the internet at a radio station, quit that and moved on to work for my good friends at Lithium Magazine for a while.

All the while I kept thinking to myself: “I can do better, nay, I will do better because my name is Aaron Binder and I write things.”

Me, Aaron. I wish I still had that shirt.


It was earlier in this year of 2010 that I put the feelers out to write an article about a band going on tour.  In March I received a call from Nathan Down not even 30 minutes after sending out the email that would change my life.  The email said something like this; “Let me go on tour with you and I’ll put you in 100,000 magazines around Ontario”.  Not a bad deal.

So we went on tour for 2 and a half weeks in May and June.  If you didn’t read the almost daily coverage and subsequent article then, here’s the retrospective for you now.  For everyone that was following along, this is going to be even deeper insight into what happened while out on tour.  The magazine I wrote the article for at the time had a very strict code of conduct regarding parties, luckily for you, I am no longer under contract to them.

Here is the real story, uncut and nude…kind of how I’m writing this article in my apartment right now.

Crap Sushi and Verbal Agreements

As mentioned, the relationship Nathan and I developed all started with a phone call.  We chatted for 10-15 minutes and decided to meet up for sushi.  That probably ended up being the classiest thing we did together from that point onward.

So here we are, two guys with one common goal; gain fans, get drunk, have fun doing it.  What were we doing eating sushi?  Hell if I know, but it was cheap and easy.  We agreed on the tour and started to put the whole thing in motion.  We came to the conclusion that joining him on a string of dates in late May/early June would be amazing, we’d be hitting up Ontario and Nova Scotia, the two greatest provinces in Canada.  Joining us would be his impeccable manager/girlfriend Kitt and our incredibly talented and intrepid photographer Emily Sheff.  That’s where we left things in March, when May finally rolled around, I don’t think any of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Emily, not actually this serious very often.


Luckily, it would end up being a great summer adventure, we accomplished everything we had individually set out to do and then some, it certainly ended up being a strange trip, I’m also pretty sure my life was shortened by a good…oh 30-40 years.

The intrepid Kitt, Nathan's girlfriend, manager and constant source of the good way.

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