Hot Music For Hot People: Christmas-y Edition Part Deux

Another year of holidays is creeping to a close.  Christmas (or Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzah or whatever) celebrations have silently ended and the holiday cheer seems to be fading.


It’s always tough to quit anything cold turkey, so I’m here to be your holiday addictions councilor today and I promise it’ll be gentle.  Instead of going cold turkey, why not wean yourself off the holiday cheer?  Why not enjoy these two free tracks?


Explode put out an excellent album earlier this year called 'The Ugly', I think it's a rather charming cover.

First up is one of the hottest bands out of Windsor, Ontario right now.  Explode When They Bloom is what happens when you combine small-town angst with quality musicianship usually found only in the most expensive LA recording studio.  The newly released You Can’t Go Home Again is an 11 minute slow burn reminiscent of Fucked Up’s recent EP’s; but when it reaches boiling point it explodes into a brilliant supernova.  If this track is any indication, you’ll be hearing more about these guys right here.

Explode When They Bloom
You Can’t Go Home Again

This would only be scarier if they were wearing bustiers.

Up next, and it’s tough not to sound like a shill for D-Sisive at this point, is Night Before Christmas with Buck 65 and D-Sisive teaming up to tackle a Christmas classic.  You’ll have to download this one, but as you’re probably well aware by this point, a free D-Sisive track is pretty much the equivalent of two paid Jay-Z songs where a free Buck 65 track is the equivalent of 3 Kanye tracks, this all adds up to form three full-length Rick Ross albums with guest appearances by E-40 and a revived Tupac.

I have no idea what any of that means aside from this being a good track.

D-Sisive and Buck 65
Night Before Christmas
D-Sisive and Buck 65 – Night Before Christmas

Coming up tomorrow:
The Wordbird’s Top 10 Albums of the Year


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