Album Review: Emma Hill And Her Gentlemen Callers “Meet Me At The Moon”

Band: Emma Hill and her Gentlemen Callers
Album: Meet Me At The Moon
Rating: 4 out of 5
By Aaron Binder

Judging by her two previous releases, it seems that when Emma Hill is going through a major life-altering event she writes an album about it.  This time around, the sultry, hollow-voiced Hill sings and sings and sings about the most important matters of the heart; lost love, loneliness and the beauty of music.

Hill has always had a talent for writing expressive, thoughtful lyrics and Meet Me At The Moon exhibits that talent with flying colours by highlighting what most would associate as a slice of middle America.  Her twangy guitar fits perfectly with her backing bands deftly placed approach to filling in the gaps by laying off while she’s singing but breaking into rousing bridges and solo sections during a few key songs like I’ll Never Be Her and The Keeper.

With the excellent backing bands smooth as butter steel guitar and heart-tugging piano this is a classic country fans perfect new album.  Songs sending up the reverent talent of Leonard Cohen and the travails of being on the road come standard for most songwriters in the genre but Hill has a way of working her words down deep enough in your body that your toes will find themselves tapping.


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