Hot Music For Hot People: Ska Makes a Comeback

Let’s play a word-association game:


Steve Irwin

Why God, why?

You'll be listening to these guys today.

For the longest time, ska has been the red-headed step child of music, never really respected, usually quite ugly but at certain times exhibits genius.  Also, they pee the bed.  But regardless of the malady that is the red-headed step child, ska music has managed to redeem itself at points throughout musical history: The Ceremonial Snips, NOFX and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones all managed to transcend the genre and put out albums that were less ska and more awesome.

This week is CMW and I’m sure you’re still excited about the coverage, but I decided to hook you up with some free music from a band that hails from Connecticut and have been playing for 8 years now.  Usually I wouldn’t write or even listen to a ska band, but the men of Great Caesar hold it down like your stepchild never could.  Big, heavy breakdowns punctuate blazing guitar solos and the capricious, soulful voice of lead singer John-Michael Parker.

You can check out their free 2009 self-titled EP for free below.  If you like it, they have a couple more tracks on their BandCamp for you to check out.  Enjoy!


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