Hot Music For Hot People: Robot Science Wishes You Good Luck

As I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to reading at this point, in the eyes of the Wordbird, music is best enjoyed between the hours of 2-5 AM.  Early…very early in the morning is when sound takes on new meaning and your weary soul is most attracted to that which will fill it whole once more.

Charlie Yin, better known as Robot Science, has been creating the perfect soundtrack to 5 am for the past few years now.  Creating beautiful synthesized melodies to the backdrop of trippy, acidic beats has become a specialty for the part-time musician.  With the release of his third album Good Luck he has managed to smooth out his sound into a perfectly seamed, reverb heavy journey through the deeper levels of consciousness.

For fans of trance what you get here is a product that works within the confines of the genre but tends to bend rules and ignore convention and ends up sounding more like a rock album than a traditional electronic record.

Enjoy, and if you can, please support Mr. Yin and Robot Science.


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