Band Interview: Gob

Gob Speaks
Bob Saget, Touring Across Canada and Russell Crowe

By Aaron Binder
Originally Published in Fazer Magazine March 2009

I had the chance to sit down with Canadian power-punkers Gob recently, they had just woken up, I had just walked for an hour in 20 below temperatures.  Our combined sleepy-head/brain-freeze culminated in what could be considered one of the stupidest interviews of all time.  Enjoy.

Aaron: How’s the response been to the tour so far?

Tom : Awesome.

Theo : Awesome, the shows have been sold out.

Aaron : Are you guys getting to play a lot of the newer stuff from Muertos Vivos?

Theo : Yeah, for sure, it’s awesome, we’re playing a lot of the new stuff, not every show, but we’ve got about 8 songs we’re playing, some of them some nights, some other nights, it’s rad to play new shit.

Aaron : I was listening to your new album, it’s totally different compared to a lot of the earlier stuff which was a lot more pop-punk, it seemed a lot heavier and solidly written.  Was that because of the split with Arista?

Tom : I’m sure that everything affects it, but over those few years we had between records we just had such a large quantity of songs that I think the songs just ended up there.  We were really picky about the songs and we picked the songs that were the best ones and; about the heaviness we produced it ourselves this time.  We had always kinda produced or co-produced them, but this time we just knew what sounds we wanted and what we wanted the record to sound like.  We were just glad to produce and write our own record.

Aaron : So you’re happier with how this one turned out?

Tom : I’m happy with all of our records, I mean, I love all of our records, but definitely I feel like this is our best representation to date.

Aaron : I honestly thought it was your best record to date.  I’m really excited to see if you guys keep going in this new direction, it’s a little different than the goofy-punk you guys were playing before this record.

Tom : Goof-Punk?  Hahaha, who you callin’ a goof?  A goof is like the worst insult you could call anybody.

Aaron : Really?

Theo : Apparently back in the day, when someone called you a goof, there was like a duel, guns dancing and shit, I want you to die!

Tom : Yeah, a goof is like a prison bitch or something.

Theo : It’s a wicked word though, I really like the way it sounds.

Aaron : Yeah, I guess it’s like a swear-word of not being a…swear-word.

Theo : It’s a four-letter word man, four letter word…

Aaron : Haha, so you guys are with Aquarius now…

Tom : Yeah, you gotta change things up, if it doesn’t feel fresh you gotta go somewhere else and Aquarius seemed cool.

Theo : Yeah.

Tom : We were about to sign with Sanctuary and their US label folded, the UK division shut the US label down which really sucked.  You know, we were just shoppin’ it and talking to people and Aquarius came along and really liked it and liked the plan we had so we went with them.

Aaron : So that’s a nice fresh start with you guys, they’ve definitely helped jump-start a lot of new Canadian artists careers, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne among others.  Do you feel like this is a new start for Gob as well?

Tom : Yeah, definitely, I mean we had to change something so we decided to go with them.

Aaron : You guys had a pretty big fan-base in the late 90’s and early 00’s, you couldn’t bloody well go down to MuchMusic without blocking traffic for like 4 blocks in every direction, does this fresh start feel like you can pull that off again?

Theo : Yeah, definitely, if they start playing our videos…actually, I guess they have to start playing videos again, but we’re really focused on getting out there again.

Aaron : A lot of bands will cite influences on each record they put out, what were your influences like on Muertos Vivos?  Were they different than your previous records?

Tom : Yeah, we were kind of apart, we spent a lot of time apart during the writing, we were all doing different things and the songs were all written over a 4 year period, so it is kinda hard to pin down specific influences on it, but that’s why it’s so diverse because there are so many different influences.

Aaron : You guys also seem to have this knack for writing songs made for sports video games.

Tom : It’s the sports music videos.

Theo : They seem to, yeah, for some reason they’re attracted to that or something, they call us and want to use our songs for their games.  It’s cool, it’s flattering and it’s cool to have that.  Videogames probably outsell pretty much our cd sales anyway.  It’s the best because people from around the world play those video games.

Tom : It’s great exposure too.

Aaron : Yeah, if you’re talking Madden or the NHL series, those sell millions.

Tom : Yeah, Madden is like the biggest selling game every year I think.  It’s unfathomable how many copies are sold.

Theo : Actually, I think that’s soccer.

Aaron : Have you guys ever walked into a room and heard your song being played?  What’s it like?

Theo : Yeah, actually it’s funny because people have heard our songs but they didn’t connect our name with it until they actually played those video games.  I’ve had so many people just say “Oh my God, it’s you guys!”

Tom : Yeah, I’ve had a ton of people walk up to me after concerts and tell me “I know that song, it’s from NHL”

Aaron : That’s awesome.  You guys were drinking with Russell Crowe a few years ago in Australia, how’d that come about?

Theo : I think I had just seen that movie A Beautiful Mind and I thought he was really great in that movie.  He was awesome in Gladiator, I think he’s just a really great actor.  But it was just a random thing that happened, him and his wife were there to see someone else.

Tom : We were on tour with Avril Lavigne at the time.  So he came out to see her thing but then ended up partying with our band.

Theo : Yeah, he brought weed and our drummer couldn’t have been happier and he brought Victoria Bitter which is their classic beer, which is like their Canadian or Molson but it’s way better.  So we had some Victoria Bitter with him and it was rad, he was just a super nice guy and he was cool to us.  He actually gave us some clothing from his band and some cd’s and some shirts and that.

Aaron : Have you heard his band live?

Theo : Umm…we’ve heard the cd’s.

Tom : *Laughing*

Theo : Umm…I think he’s a great guy and he shouldn’t quit his day job.  Not that I can sing any better but…I don’t know.

Tom : Maybe we can produce and record his next album, help him out.

Aaron : Celebrity DeathMatch perhaps?

Tom : *Laughing* Good call on that one my friend.

Aaron : Speaking of celebrities, what was Bob Sagat’s reaction to your ejection from Barney’s Beanery in LA?

Theo : How did you know about that?

Aaron : The internet my man, it knows all.  Did he have any witty one-liners or anything?

Theo : Did we get ejected?

Tom : Bob Sagat was there, and he was with like two hookers or something.

Aaron : Wow, that just sounds so right.

Theo : Maybe they were trannies or something.

Aaron : Haha, how was that whole experience anyway?

Theo : Ya know…I was so fuckin’ wasted I don’t even remember. *Laughing* I know that we were fucked up, that was a while ago, we were recording Foot in Mouth disease.  A lot of shit happened that summer while we were in LA for 3 months.  We were at the Jimmy Kimmel show and we fucked shit up there.

Tom : We got kicked out of everywhere.

Aaron : Haha, sounds about right for you guys.

Theo : LA is a bunch of pretentious fucking stuck-up fucking assholes, we were just trying to open up their ass.

Tom : Yeah, trying to loosen their assholes.

Theo : Yeah, a Gob shoehorn.

Aaron : Haha, speaking of shit, have you guys ever wanted to just kick yourselves for something really stupid that you did?

Tom : Uhh…pretty much everyday.  Driving in this bloody cold.

Aaron : Anything in particular that sticks out?

Theo : I mean, it’s always a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs, not everything can be perfect.  It’s like a family, right?  We all have to get along but there’s still stupid stuff that happens.

Aaron : So has anything changed over the past 10 years or so?  Have the fans changed for you?

Tom : You know, the fans have grown.  We can finally play bars.  It was like 10 years or so that we couldn’t play bars because all of our fans were young and underage.

Theo : It took a while but it’s cool we can play both now.

Aaron : Do you still get the 16 year old girls running up to you asking you to sign you?

Tom : Yeah, they usually know exactly where they want you to sign them.

Theo : You would think that the signing of the asses and the boobs would be over, but it’s still going strong.

Tom : We’ve signed everything.

Theo : Actually, one of the guys from The Johnstones asked us if we remembered last night because we were drinking and he showed me his ass and he had a giant cock on his ass.  So I told him, you know some people can’t get away with that kind of art, but you can man.

Aaron : Hahaha, well guys, we’ve gotta jet but I have a couple more questions for you.  If you knew the world was going to end in a week, what would you do.

Theo : *Laughing* Punch you in the face!  Uhh…I’d sit down for an hour and make a list of stuff to do.

Tom : I think I’d just do what I’m doing.

Theo : Yeah, rip it up, I’d be a ripperrrrrrrrrrr!

Tom : I guess I’d max the credit cards.

Theo : I’ve never done cocaine before!

Tom : Yeah right.

Theo : I’ve never done coke off a hooker’s ass!

Tom : Yeah right.

Theo : Ohhhh.

Tom : Rock and roll is honesty, that’s what it’s all about.

Aaron : Hahaha…well, somewhat related, let’s say you guys die, go to heaven and you’re standing at the pearly gates, but to get in you have to tell everyone your most embarrassing tour moment, what do you say?

Tom : Oh man, I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments.  One time we were playing a show and I had to take a shit so bad that I just ran right to the bathroom after we played.  It worked out, I’ve fallen off a lot of stages too.  That was pretty embarrassing.

Theo : And scary.

Aaron : I heard about you doing a face-plant of Theo’s shoulders one time.

Tom : Oh fuck, well that was pretty embarrassing, we were at Ventura doing a show and I jumped up.  What we used to do, Theo would bend down and I would run and jump up on his shoulders, and this time he lost his balance and it took a couple of seconds.  I thought I was gonna be dead but the guitar was still in-tune, I don’t even know how.

Aaron : That’s wild.  Obviously you don’t get embarrassed as easily Theo, but anything on your end?

Theo : Oh, I get embarrassed, I’m a sensitive guy.  On stage?  Hmm…maybe I’ve forgotten a word in a song, that’s embarrassing.  Ahhh, what happened, memory block!

Aaron : I guess it all happens when you’re drunk anyway.

Tom : When you’re drunk you actually remember the words better anyway.

Theo : If you’re relaxed.

Tom : If I play Paint it Black without having a drink before, I don’t know those words, the whole chorus, I’ve never memorized those words once.  They’re just there, I don’t even know if I’m saying the right words.

Aaron : *Laughing* I always wondered why the song sounded different every time I’ve seen you.  So what does the next 10 years hold for the band?

Tom : That’s hard to say but in the near future we’re gonna put a single out for Banshee song, we’re gonna put out another single.  We’re not gonna name that single yet, it’s gonna be a surprise. And then we’re gonna play some more shows and do a record as soon as we possibly can.

Aaron : What about other plans, are you branching out into anything else?

Tom : Yeah, we’re doing some producing, we’re producing a band in Vancouver right now.  We’ve done some films.

Theo : We’ve done our third single for the Banshee song and we’ll be doing a fourth one.

Tom : Is there an echo in here?

Theo : Oh…haha, I guess I was just in text message world.

Tom : That’s really inconsiderate.

Theo : It was a friend of mine asking what cd’s I’m gonna buy.

Tom : Oh, get the Katy Perry cd please, Rihanna!

Aaron : You know, I met her last year on Warped Tour, she’s actually really cool.

Theo : Yeah, I saw her on Warped Tour and I wasn’t that attracted to her.

Tom : Have you seen Theo’s girlfriend?  You are so picky.

Theo: I think Rihanna is way hotter than her.

Aaron : Forehead girl?

Tom : That’s a five-head.  Maybe Theo’s into that.

Theo : Yeah, there’s more room to…nevermind.

Aaron :I think we can safely say this is your newest most embarrassing moment.  With that, thanks a lot guys for taking some time out of your day to talk to me.

Tom : Thanks man.

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