Hot Music For Hot People: Clothes Make The Man Give You Some Free Awesome

The golden rule of the magic world is to never reveal the secret behind the trick.  In the world of music, interviewers and media personalities are in a constant struggle to figure out the magic behind the music in much the same way a member of the audience at a magic show yearns for the secret behind the trick.

In their latest and what would become last single, Clothes Make The Man scream out ‘The whole world’s watching, the whole world wants so much more’ with the fervor of a man on the brink of great discovery.  The band recently called it quits but they have decided to release their last recording to the public.

There is a lot of magic being thrown around on this album and if you’re into figuring out the secret behind the magic, good luck, because it really is difficult to pinpoint why the LP is so delectable.  From upbeat songs to the fevered progressions that hit harder and harder as the album progresses, this is a true work of art from an unfortunately defunct band.  You can stream the album below or click here to head to Soundcloud where you can download the album. Enjoy.


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