Hot Music For Hot People: Magnolius = Election Day Patriots

Hi, my name is Aaron Binder and do I have an album for you!

In light of what most people are calling one of the craziest weeks in current history; an election, the death of OBL, and Donald Trump being absolutely trounced by President Obama at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, let’s make this thing a little more wild.

Magnolius is the Toronto duo of Shan Vincent de Paul and Derek DaCosta.  As well known for their music as their artistic endeavours, the two have been producing creative projects together for years now and no matter the medium they always manage to step up to the challenge climb the proverbial ladder rungs to success.

Their album Mary Musth is a slight enigma, huge production combined with the duo’s bombastic battling rappers style is sure to please, but adding even more powder to the keg is the Brazilian influence.  The two traveled to the steps of Selaron in Rio de Janeiro to gain a greater understanding of the music and culture before completing the album and the results are beautiful.  Puncuated, frantic beats are complimented by the often staccato voices of de Paul and DaCosta to create an energetic and soulful album that still keeps your hips shaking.

Check it out here on Bandcamp, if you like it make sure you toss them a few bucks.

They also have an amazing tumblr that showcases artists from around the globe.

Enjoy ya’ll.


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