Hot Music For Hot People: Boombox Saints Blast Your Booty With Beauty…ful Sounds

It’s time to slap on those thigh-highs, put on your deepest red lipstick, The Boombox Saints are in town and your booty needs to be bouncin’.  Get ready to have your ears pounded with some of Canada’s youngest and freshest R&B talent and they want you to hear what it is they’re bumping.

The Boombox Saints trio is offering up a free download of their first full-length album “Bringin’ The Boom Back” because they’re such nice bad boy musicians.  You’re going to get a perspective on hip-hop from these guys that ends up being young, goofy, aloof and passionate.  Now for anyone that read my review on the album, you’re going to notice I didn’t give it the greatest rating and it does have way too many vignettes.  It’s true, they have a lot of room for growth, but you can’t hate on the price of free and there are some genuinely enjoyable tracks on here anyway.

Click the link to check out the full, free album!

If you’re the type that wants to read a review before downloading the album, click here.

If you’re into the visual side of life you can check out their video for the single ‘Bringin’ the Boom Back below.


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