Album Review : Kris Korey – Never Enough

Kris Korey
Never Enough (Single)

By Aaron Binder

The 80’s were a time of extreme.  If you were breathing and between the age of 10-25, you had a crew, a style, something that defined your person as part of a distinct group.  Mods, punks, and hair-rockers all had something to prove and then it was all over.  With the invention of grunge, none of these sub-genres and their crews stood a chance.  While the wistful and contemplative remember the time through The Cars, Dead Kennedy’s and Great White, the progressive decide to re-create and re-invent what it is they remember of an era long gone.

Kris Korey is a mod music style project of Toronto musician Chris Draper and a fairly ambitious endeavor at that, Draper decide to take a stab at playing every instrument you hear in the ensemble.  Taking on the type of project where you’re pushing yourself in so many different ways and playing a style of music that is nothing but derivative of reflections from another era is incredibly difficult to pull off.  That being said, Draper as Korey manages a fairly powerful first single.

Reminiscent of The Cars, Duran Duran and strangely enough emo-rockers Mae, the single definitely has a happening sound for a first single.  Light and delicate, you can tell a lot of time has been placed into the crafting and composition, however, time is not always enough.  Draper as Korey obviously has the ability and potential, but the key to creating music this blatantly derivative is to ensure that there is something unique about it.

Korey has created a fun track here; it will at least get your head nodding and toes tapping, but if you’re looking for something with dynamic crafting and a unique take on the mod genre this isn’t it –yet.  Like all passionate artists, this is only a first offering, the proverbial plunge into the deep end and I think it’s safe to say that as Korey develops his craft, it won’t just be good and engaging but great and encapsulating.  Stay tuned on this project, it only looks positive from here onward.


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