Show Review: Red Red Run and Learning

Band: Red Red Run / Learning
Venue: Milk Lounge
Windsor, Ontario
April 6th, 2012

By Aaron Binder

Red red run

Say you’ve got 3 guys with massive chops and they all play in the same band.  The guitarist is pulling out some riduculous solos and chords, the bassist is running up and down the fretboard like a man fleeing for his life and your drummer is throwing down beats like Rodney King’s attackers – say hi to Red Red Run.

From Windsor, mecca of math-rock and all things related to playing instruments in the fastest and most technical way possible, Red Red Run threw down at the venerable Milk Lounge pretty hard.  Their sound is pretty much what happens when a bunch of talented individuals try to push their own boundaries without any seeming goal in mind – While they absolutely have skill, they also happened to be punching above their weight at times.  Playing ridiculously technical music is difficult enough, playing it live while trying to keep it coherent is another thing – a thing that ended up being slightly sloppy, kinda repetitive but mostly good.

They ran through a lyric-less set, tossed in some saxophone and came out on the other side mostly unscathed. Definitely worth the 3 buck admission, heck I would have gladly paid more.  Check them out if you get the chance and feel like listening to something schizophrenic.


Have sex to this music.  If you don’t have anyone to horizontally hustle with, you need to find someone now because you’re missing out on some good shit.  Seriously, it’s the electro- ambient version of Barry White, just better.  Learning is damned good at what they do – sweet and fuzzy guitar solos, awesome samples, sultry Tricky-style beats and just the right amount of lube to slide it in and see an O face every time.

Why are you still reading? Go fuck to this music.


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