Ads on Grooveshark

I’m an avid user of Grooveshark.   Short of The Beatles they have almost everything I want, playlists, record collections and the ability to take your account to any computer and speaker system you want – Grooveshark is the non-physical form of the iPod DJ.

Streaming services like Grooveshark, Rdio, Pandora and Spotify are helping revolutionize how fans access music the way they want.  This morning I was listening to the Beastie Boys, maybe later on I’ll feel like Slayer, and that’s the real beauty of these services, they respond to the whims of the individual.

Don’t expect the labels to love it though, many are still stuck in the traditional model and it’s hard to blame them when the management teams are so far disconnected from what’s actually going on in the industry.  They’re still focused on pumping new artists through the circling drain of promotion on MTV, TV and Radio, they’ll make sales but they’re also fighting a war that finds their forces drawn in deeper to the bottom of a canyon.

That’s why complaining about ads on Grooveshark is stupid.  The fan wanted change, they didn’t want to spend 20 bucks on a cd when there were only 2-3 listenable songs.  They wanted good music, better songs, better musicians and that’s what they have now.  Anyone can access any smart artist from so many platforms its staggering.  We all want something for free, but musicians need to be paid too.  While streaming platforms are quickly becoming a force, they aren’t generating a load of profit which means the artist stays poor.

We’re in the middle of great change and streaming services are leading the charge.  Smart artists are all over these services, even bands with 200 fans, if they’re intelligent, you can find them on Grooveshark.  Do you have to sit through a 10 second commercial now that the platform has found a way to monetize?  Yes.  Are you impatient about it?  Probably.  But this is how you and everyone else wanted their music, free, and this is how it’s going to remain free.


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