Hot Music for Hot People: The Beach Boys

You won’t find a better Beach Boys album than their new one.  I’m talking their whole catalogue too, solo, Love years, Wilson’s Smile, all of it, this is what music can sound like when a group reunites with the intention of creating passionate music.

You can tell this is a band that doesn’t know if they’ll be back in the studio ever again, the youngest member Al Jardine is 69.  It doesn’t seem to matter though, you can sense a passing of fear, resentment and malevolence within the notes of every song.

The lyrics are absolutely stunning in their simplicity, dancing around the topics of age, lost-love, forgotten dreams.  While it all sounds quite dour and depressing, the band has seemingly put it behind them.  The titular From There and Back Again offers some insight:

You’ve been thinking ’bout some things we used to do
Thinking ’bout when life was still in front of you
Back where you belong, our favorite song
Won’t you listen

Aged as the members are, we may never see another Beach Boys album but really, with a potential bookend in That’s Why God Made the Radio, they can stay out of the studio.  Packed with interesting song structures, rich layering, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful vocal harmonies, one of the most storied bands in American music history has hit the perfect wave.
While the whole album is purely joyful to enjoy, I leave you with two of the standout tracks.



Stay well,
-Aaron Binder


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