Hot Music for Hot People: Southern Shores and Exeter – Summer Jams for Lovemakin’

The Re-Rise of Electronic

One of the greatest revolutions in the music industry over the past 15 years hasn’t been the move away from 360 record deals and top-down promotion, those were bound to happen eventually as bandwidth technology expanded and people became digital savvy.  No, one of the greatest actual revolutions has been how many people have expanded their horizons and started listening to an increasingly diverse number of styles and genres of music.

This definitely isn’t your parents generation of musical difference.

This is something different, instead of being poked at for listening to punk, it’s acceptable.  You can’t touch the hip-hop heads either, Tim Armstrong provided a cross-over for the current generation with The Transplants much like Anthrax and Public Enemy did in the early 90’s.  In fact, so much music has become homogenized, it’s hard to say that one genre is better than another when there is so much great stuff coming out of everywhere.  At least we can still make fun of the metalheads.

When you take a look at what the hip, young 20-somethings are listening to you can usually garner an idea of what’s to come next in the mainstream.  If Toronto (and the wider world) right now is any indication of what music fans can expect over the next few years to come, electronic music is surging harder and faster than its last mainstream wave in the late 90’s.  Today’s Hot Music column explores two of these artists that have been bustin’ beats for shakin’ asses in Toronto.

Southern Shores


It’s hard to peg down a sound to Southern Shores track New Love, but that’s a great thing because it leaves you the option of exploring every nuance, cranny and cavern in the track.  During the early 90’s music didn’t bloody care what it sounded like and that seems to be the prerogative of Southern Shores on this track, mixing together so many different influences from New Wave to R&B to PsyTrance these guys have created an incredible summer Sunday banger here.

If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like they’re trying to make it easier for fine folks everywhere to hook up in new and exciting ways because this track is relaxation and exploration defined.


DJ Mix on NOW Toronto

There are so many pedigrees to live up to when you’re an electronic music producer that getting lost in the shuffle of trying to create something that appeals to a certain crowd can become the modus operandi for many producers.  Exeter seems to be breaking free of that mold with his last few releases and exploring his own sound-scape.

His latest, 88MPH, branches away from the mathy style he was writing earlier this year into trancier, dreamier territory with more lush beats and fluid melodies.  While the beats are always great from Exeter, the melodies and fills in this track create an atmosphere filled with sounds that will have you climbing on rooftops and making out with beautiful people.

Right now both Exeter and Southern Shores are working on new material with Southern Shores releasing a new EP very shortly, check out their facebook page for more details.  Exeter is currently working on new material with no release date available as of yet but aiming for later this year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a woman, listen to these tracks, and make sweet, delicious, sweaty love.

Aaron Binder


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