Hot Music for Hot People: Humaana



I’ve been giving this band a number of listens lately just trying to figure out why I couldn’t skip it.  Humaana sound like a band that teenagers would dig and by their 20’s forget, aside from a few drunken, nostalgic nights.  There’s more to this band, they have talent and seem to be learning how to use it very quickly.

In fact, they know how to write a song much in the way most bands don’t – with hooks, good vocal harmonies and sound dynamics.  These are the three items that propel this band back into my playlist time after time, they don’t understand the term balls to the wall, there are hints of subtlety and nuance, and that is incredibly rare in a time where bigger is better is the only way.

Here are a couple songs off their EP, Comfort, they have a new EP coming out sometime in the next couple months so make sure you give it a listen when it comes out.


– Aaron


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