Hot Music For Hot People: The Sphinxs

The Sphinxs

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Practice, practice, practice.

You want to be in a band?  Don’t you dare skip a single practice session.  There’s a pervasive, incredibly wrong, thought that travels through many young musicians minds that one or two practice sessions a week is good enough.  As a band, two is a minimum and then once you get home you had better be jamming solo.  It’s why so many hype bands put out a few tracks, gain some support but flop when the full-length comes, they just didn’t invest the time in their own songs or ability.

So here’s a band that’s bucking the trend.  They’ve got the hooks, the songwriting ability and the golden voice of a crimson goddess.  Their newest single, Both Die, is a sultry romp through 60’s pop culture.  Distinct, surfy guitars lead the ears through a journey that visits great gang vocals, rollicking drums, and a voice comparable to an Egyptian scarab – once it’s in your ear, you aren’t getting it out.



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