Hot Music for Hot People: Ohbliv

Ohbliv - Monoatomic

Any great parent will give you a Marvin Gaye album during the birds and bees talk, it just makes sense, you don’t want your kids listening to Default while trying to get it on with their first girlfriend, do you?  While Mr. Gaye certainly has mack-value, I’d like to introduce you to a newer artist that has at least the same mack-value as Marvin.

Ohbliv espouses many of the same qualities of artists like J Dilla and Apollo Brown, trippy beats with really smooth, fluid production that enters your ear and never leaves.  This guy certainly has a ton of talent and doesn’t cut corners anywhere, his whole catalog is full of top-notch production.

It’s the type of music designed to be enjoyed late at night, so why not give it a try this evening?  Pull up a chair, bring your favourite man or woman, and see what happens when the candles are lit.  The best part is that Ohbliv’s Bandcamp page is a huge catalog of work so you won’t get bored, maybe just a little tired as you and your partner work through it.




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