Hot Music for Hot People: Robot Science


Every once in a while you hear a producer create something that shouldn’t exist, in a good way too.  That is Robot Science, a project started by Charlie Yin, also of Giraffage, and described as ‘beepy boopy music’.   While it has the beep and the boop, there are so many other luscious sounds your mind may be overwhelmed at the sheer brilliance of it all.

Robot Science is the type of music that many producers sitting in their basements start writing the first time they load up Reason.  The difference is that while most of those producers create artificial sounds and attempt to mask them into sounding organic and live off the floor, Yin washes your cares and critique away with his vast soundscapes.

Many of us sit with baited breath when listening to new music, we breathe it in as though it might be poisonous and can be too quick to judgement.  The first time you put on a Robot Science album there is no hesitation, like a snake being charmed, you’ll be charmed from the first note.

Here’s some great news too, right now everything on the Robot Science is free as a nudist colony but like many at the nudist colony, you should probably donate a buck or two to keep Mr. Yin clothed.



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