Show Review: Delta Will

Everyone has an album and it doesn’t matter, people want experiences, they want more than just a piece of silicone and some nice pictures.  These days, your album isn’t as important as you want it to be, we’re living in the era of live and if you can’t do live, you don’t matter.  You need to draw your listener in and create an experience for them, something that will drop their jaw and make them want to buy your album and t-shirt and pins – you need to create something unique enough that it’s worth telling their friends about.  There are few definitives anymore, the era of information has given us too much choice and that means you have to be damned good.

Which is why it’s always refreshing to hear an okay album backed up by a stellar performance.

Credit: Erin Burrell
Delta Will at The Piston. Photo Credit: Erin Burrell

You may not have heard of spaceman Delta Will but he’s a musician doing something off-kilter enough to actually be noticeable.  You see, Delta Will is a spaceman, a man from outer space that wears glasses to see on Earth.  It’s simple, it’s goofy and it works because you’re instantly drawn into the story.  The fact that it’s backed up by incredibly ambitious musicianship and a sampling of great songs is why Delta Will is worth seeing live.

Will’s sandy hair and natural smile beam across the room as he plays licks designed for Motown, transported to Toronto, and listened to by people far from old enough to remember Detroit before it became a wasteland.  It truly is a spectacle to see someone slide their fingers across a fret-board with the deftness of a 50 year old journeyman and the writing ability to back it up in this day and age.  This guy is the real deal, he’s practiced his craft and it’s only going to get better from here.  The most impressive part of his repertoire is Will’s extensive use of looping, a technique that is, bluntly put, stupidly difficult to do properly.

Photo Credit: Erin Burrell

Apparently spacemen are Mac-users. Photo Credit: Erin Burrell

Obviously his music is catching on and perking Earthmen’s ears, there was a reserved silence at The Piston while he played – a thankful reprieve from the often overpowering back of the room banter that tend to happen at shows.  Will’s look, his music and his charming personality force you to pay attention.  With 1000’s of humans attempting to do something exactly like this, he truly has a unique approach to the one-man band.  You might like the album but you also might not, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you go see him live because music like this deserves to be heard and seen.

Photo Credit: Erin Burrell

Beautiful communication. Photo Credit: Erin Burrell


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