Show Review: Le French Tickler CMW Showcase

BRBR Le French Tickler CMW 2013 Showcase
By Aaron Binder
Photos By Erin Burrell

A lot of words have been written about CMW lately so I’m not going to write too many.  I do, however, want to dearly tell you about one of the musicians that played ‘Le French Tickler’ put on by BRBR.  Karim Ouellet is an insanely talented composer with an exceptional backing band.

I wrote about Delta Will last week and how his live show is really good but raw talent only goes so far – Ouellet and his band are absolutely some of the best showmen in town for CMW.  In fact, this is exactly what a lot of musicians need to focus on, bringing a band and the ruckus much like Ouellet.  His stage presence is undeniably powerful and backed by an equally vibrant band.

One of my favourite things about great Quebec bands is that they always give the audience an uncompromisingly awesome stage show and more importantly look like they’re having a stellar time while doing it.  Ouellet and band showed real passion at this show and that will take them way farther than knowing so-called VIP’s.


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