Band Together

Band Together

Musicians Come Together for Jer’s Vision

By Aaron Binder

Over the course of CMW a number of events happen, most of them involve various levels of boozing from ‘buzzed’ to ‘doing the multicolored yawn’.  If you’re like many musicians, this is pretty much another day except this time you don’t get paid but you do get a nice shiny all access pass.

As a group of bands and musicians came together on a slightly warmer than normal March Saturday, the excitement began and then lasted the course of 4 hours and change.  And while it may not have been as outlandish as watching the The Stanfields’ vocal department run roughshod through a bottle of Jameson, there certainly were some bloody weird moments.

The program is being called Band Together and the concept is this simple – lots of band folks were bullied when they were growing up, now they want to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone.  Getting out into the public eye and playing songs is a great way to spark interactions with other people and humanize bullying.  Band folk are a great medium too, they’re just regular people with regular ’98 VW Jetta’s that also have the timing belt problem, you can’t get more down to earth than that.

On the east side of Toronto, Janus from punkabilly band Wood Butcher was holding it down, first in The Village and then at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Janus is the kind of guy that walks into a room and even the important, well-dressed, ultra-socialites pay attention.  His look is a cross between Elvis, old school Rollins, and an acid trip.  When you first shake his hand, the details all come together and you realize that he wasn’t the type of person to dress up to attend a concert, this is just him.

Over the course of a couple hours, he belted out a number of tunes from classic Johnny Cash to some Danzig to some originals.  While the blustery weather may not have been inviting, Janus’ tunes certainly were, a trio of Northerners from Kirkland Lake showed up and joined the anti-bullying party.

This event helped spread awareness and truly it was infectious enough to get some passers-by from Kirkland Lake involved!  This is the power of music and smiles, people want to get involved in things that naturally attract, this event certainly proved that.

Click here for info on Jer’s Vision.

Click here to listen to Wood Butcher



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