Border City Brawlers: Saturday Night is for Roller Derby

If you’ve never heard of Roller Derby, you need to learn yourself.  The theatrics of burlesque meet babes clad in spandex and pads rolling around a flat rink on rollerskates.  Get rid of the skates and they’d probably be right at home in a pro wrestling ring.

These women train hard to define their rink personalities, balance skills and the ever important blocking maneuver all in an effort to defeat rival teams and be crowned queens of the rink with as few bruises possible.  While it may sound hyperbolic, a good game means you’re just mostly sore the next day, there are rules in place that prevent direct elbows and punches but everything up to those fouls is thrown down multiple times a match.

This past weekend, Windsor’s Border City Brawlers sent up their two travel teams, the 519’ers and Hiram Stalkers, in a double header against Guelph’s Killer Queen’s and Violet Uprising.  The result was a bunch of bruises, spilled sweat, and a lot more testosterone being splashed about than would be expected in a female only event.

While the first game was intense, it resulted in a huge win for the 519’ers – 238 to 134.  The second game would be Guelph’s Killer Queens against the Hiram Stalkers, a bout marred with penalties and frustration for the Stalkers, something the Queens ended up capitalizing on to win 237 to 169.


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