Hot Music For Hot People: Stylin’ by Shad

I’ve never particularly like the term ‘conscious lyrics’.  Everything is conscious, every artist is paying attention to what they’re writing when they place pen to paper.  What people are meaning to say with this statement is that the lyrics aren’t about fast cars, fast men and women, and whatever other superficiality anyone happens to be singing about.

Shad is conscious in the way that everyone else is, his lyrics are just better.

Shad - Stylin featuring Saukrates Art

Stylin’ is the first single of Shad’s upcoming album Flying Colours which is dropping October 15th.  It’s not just the lyrics either, the production by Skratch Bastid fits the punctuated, distinct, and often humourous style Shad delivers in every line while Saukretes provides smooth backing vocals.   If the rest of the album is anything like this, it’s going to be a great couple of years for one of the world’s top rap lyricists.

Beautiful stuff.

See I got fans that say “Oh hey Shad, I hate rap but I like you,”
Well I hate that, but I like you at least I like that you
Like me so I won’t spite you, it’s not your fault you’re a white dude
Likes white music I like too, just don’t be surprised by my IQ



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