Hot Music For Hot People: Tom Danks Explores Underwater Soundscapes


The first notes hit your ears sounding like Tom Danks album Making Waves was recorded somewhere in the vicinity of Jacques Cousteau’s red cap.  The mind behind the music, Ari Shelemay, is one of Toronto’s next breed of electronic musician that has begun to explore deeper into trance, house and chiptune.  On Making Waves he has managed to meld many different styles of electronic together to create the perfect 2AM soundtrack for taking a candlelit bath.

This project is reminiscent of a lusher and fuller sounding Robot Science album with less pomp and zeal but easier listening for the average set of ears.  While the whole thing isn’t without fault, this is the kind of album that should be coming out of a city with so many musicians, it has young, ambitious and hungry written all over it without any of the pretension often accompanied.


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