Hot Music For Hot People: Peter Bradley Adams

It takes a long time to practice your craft and become exceptional.  It can take some people decades to figure out how to insert that one guitar lick at the right moment to create a truly memorable song.   Peter Bradley Adams started out over a decade ago and began to hone his craft with eastmountainsouth.  A couple of nominal hits later and the band landed some great gigs but it wasn’t destined to last long.  They split in ’04 and since then, Adams has been practicing and practicing and has come up with a number of exceptional tunes.

Listen to this song and you’re going to be hooked into a world that seems far more interesting than ours.  Deep and emotional, this is exactly the tune you’d play for yourself when walking into a one-horse town to take out the baddies.  This could have been another song but there are some elements that differentiate.  Listen to the spacing and timing of the different instruments, the speed with which they enter, exit and their ebbs/flows.  Musicians specifically, this is how you can turn a good song into a great one.

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