Hot Music For Hot People: Xprime Makes it Okay to Breathe

It’s the middle of summer, 2003, and the ills of the world seem so far away as you sit on a beach with your first love.  Your Sony Discman is paired with cheap speakers blasting out an overly tinny rendition of What’s My Age Again? and everything is perfect.

You wake up 10 years later with the thought of that perfect day lingering as a reminder that you’ve become everything you never wanted to be.  You shift your tie but still can’t breathe, it’s not causing your lungs to sink, your crushing spiral into self-despair and acceptance of failure to achieve anything but half-assed laziness is juicing your life across the floor.

Blood is boiling and it’s yours at 3pm as you stare out your 8th floor window into the void of cold towers spiking the landscape as far as you can see.  When was the last time you saw grass, what am I doing, who is staring back at me in this mirror?  Asking these questions millions of times over the past decade have blistered your brain into a twisted, demented, self-loathing man.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Your blistered brain is being given a chance to heal thanks to the incredible power of pop.  Xprime, Welland’s least core band, is here to offer you solace and bring you back to those days where touching grass and sand underfoot were normal.

Their debut album, The Album, is a 6/10 – it’s incredibly listenable but tries to fit too much content into most songs.  They can write a song but seem to be stuck in the phase of band-dom where shoving everything into a listener’s ear seems like a good idea.  That being said, they have managed to nail songwriting gold with their lead single Early to the Sun.  It is as much an exercise in pop as it is in Zombies-esque minimal writing.  The song ebbs and flows beautifully, the vocals punctuate energy during the chorus’ swells and reduce to an almost whisper during the elegantly played verses.

There are a couple other notable tracks on The Album, the energetic Inspiration and piano-driven ballad Closer but the real standout is Early to the Sun.  If they can recreate the feel of these tracks in the future and learn when to cut the fat of too much instrumentation/flair, they’ll continue to make those wistful memories of youth far less bitter for those of us that never learned how to let go of that one day on a beach with the one that got away.

Damn, this song is just so bloody catchy and the vocals are absolute beauty.

More Xprime –
On Facebook –

Xprime is on tour right now and probably a fun band to see live:

Feb. 22: The Clarkson Pub, Barrie, ON (w/ The Walkervilles)
Mar. 8: Detour Music Hall, St. Catharines, ON – CD RELEASE (w/ Noe Talbot, Fresh Breath and Oak and Elm)
Mar. 10: The Casbah, Hamilton, ON
March 15: Cherry Cola’s, TorontoCD RELEASE (w/ Mushy Callahan and The Baxters)
March 20: Le Divan Orange, Montreal
March 22: Private Party, Niagara
March 26: Maxwell’s Music House, Waterloo, ON
March 28: Villains Beastro, Windsor, ON
March 29:  The Black Shire Pub, London, ON (London Indie Underground Live show / recorded Podcast)
April 4: Simcoe Blues and Jazz Club, Oshawa, ON (Festival)


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