Hot Music For Hot People: 40 Acres by Pusha T and The Dream

Pusha T seems almost modest and humble on some of the more sincere and revealing parts of his debut album, My Name Is My Name.  Spaced between bangers like Numbers on the Board and Who I Am are some intimate moments where Pusha T seems to blur the line between bragging and confession.  40 Acres features some heavy lyrics retelling his rise as a dealer and, in some ways, feels a lot like Killer Mike’s Reagan with straightforward storytelling woven into complex and heady lyrics.

The floating introduction and entrancing vocals by The Dream give the track a smooth, transitional flow on the album.  While The Dream’s vocals also help create an intense atmosphere, Pusha T”s normally sharp delivery tones back a little in this song, blending with the mellow beat without becoming lost.  Give it a listen, you’ll want to check out the rest of the album afterward.

The whole album is amazing but every time this track drops the whole affair floats into pure transcendence.


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